Cymatherapy Sessions

60-minute Cymatherapy session $75

45-min Cymatherapy session $60

30-min Cymatherapy session $45


House Call: 60-minute Cymatherapy session $95

House Call: 45-minute Cymatherapy session $80

House Call: 30-minute Cymatherapy session $65


Prepaid Visits

10 Sessions up to 45 min: Cymatherapy, 10 session package $540

A 10% Savings ($54.00/ Session)

20 Sessions up to 45 min: Cymatherapy, 20 session package $960.00

An 15% Savings ($48.00/ Session)


Facial Rejuvenation Session

30-min Cymatherapy Facial Rejuvenation session only $90


PEMF Services, available upon request, call for more info


Case studies needed: Work closely with me on something you have been trying to integrate, but not quite gotten there yet.  Together we will devise a personal protocol designed especially for your needs.  Let the sound help you transcend yourself.



Quantum Bio-feedback

What is the Quantum Infinity?

The Quantum Infinity is a powerful biofeedback tool. It allows you to check in on your energy field and to balance and harmonize it! The QI is unique in that it allows you to create an unlimited amount of customized panels that allow you to test supplements, essential oils and other remedies. 

Quantum Bio-feedback


Quantum Bio-feedback combined with a Cymatic Session




Alphabiotic Alignment

First Time Visit               $70

(Includes Consultation, Obnosis & 1st Alignment)

Alphabiotic Alignment    $40


Prepaid Visits

(These packages are available for those who wish to effectively return to a profound state of balance, which takes a commitment of 6 weeks to 3 months, 2-3 alignments per week.) 

10 Visit Package            $350

A 12.5% Savings ($35.00/ Alignment)

20 Visit Package            $650

An 18.75% Savings ($32.50/ Alignment)

30 Visit Package            $900

A 25% Savings ($30.00/ Alignment)


Have table.  Will travel.

For many who travel very far distances to get Alphabiotic care, you can now get Alphabiotics to come to you.  Below are some of the rates that enable you to have an afternoon of multiple alignments for you, your friends, colleagues, church, neighbors, family, and business staff. 

$200 for 2 adults and kids

$40/Person with a minimum of 10 people

$35/Person with a minimum of 20 people

$1,000 for the day for 30 people and above.

*Allow at least 1 hour for every 15 people to be aligned during these events.


Strength Training Program $750

(Requires a commitment of performing 2 11-minute sessions per week for 5 consecutive weeks.)

Ask for further details and expect incredible results.


Book an appointment, Call 310-801-9762, or email