Cymatic Integrative Health offers Cymatic and Alphaboitic sessions to the greater Los Angeles County.

Let us show you how the power of sound and frequency can eliminate your stress and rejuvenate your body in just one session.

A new wave in sound techniques

Cyma Technologies International is dedicated to restoring optimal health and balance to the body through non-invasive sound techniques. It has developed a unique system that supports the body’s natural self-healing abilities. Cyma’s advanced instruments and applicators deliver to the body the precise combination of frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organ systems. Cyma is a proprietary form of cymatic (or sound) therapy, practiced worldwide by medical doctors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists and other complementary practitioners.


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The Science of Sound of Vibrational Healing


Treating Autism With Cymatic Therapy

This fascinating Cymatics overview:


Has been nominated for a 2013 Edison Award.

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